My name is Hyun Jo Choi. I am an immigrant from South Korea. I moved to the United states early in my life. 

Growing up here in Maryland, sports was my way of assimilating to the community around me, during a time when i did not feel like i fit in anywhere. basketball and soccer were my way of connecting to people and building long lasting, meaningful relationships. 

I decided to combine my love for photography with the things that i hold nearest to my heart, and so i began my journey as a sports photographer in the summer of 2021.

I have been blessed to continue to meet people from all walks of life, all pursuing excellence as athletes, media personnel, coaching and development staff, or just anybody working in the same venue as me.

My goal is to tell your story through my photos. I want to capture the emotion, the significance of the moment, the memory, so that photo will instantly bring you back to that time, make you remember everything you felt and saw.

Please take a look at my portfolio. if you require any photography or Videography services, I am the person for the job. Let's work.

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